Sunday, March 30, 2008

Movie-maker speaks!

I just woke up for a midnight cup of tea (decaf), came in here and found this awesome (click here: ) interview by CJ Darlington with Stephen Kendrick, a Christian co-writer of movies--made by his church--and well-received. Such as "Facing the Giants."

And he talks about, among other things, edginess. And a marriage book he's writing to be used in the movie--about firefighters-- Fireproof, out in August.

God provided again and again, in amazing ways. Like when they needed to move a car off of a train track, and a man who lived nearby just happened to have in his backyard, a fork lift. No charge.

Like the day I was at the Blue Angels air show. I'm writing about flight and I wanted to see another air show, since it had been years since my last one. I mentioned to a stranger in that huge crowd that I'd love to take my daughters into the VIP section where they could see the show the way I did when my dad was in the Navy in Pensacola. The crowd of multiple thousands was twenty people thick along the flight line and my little girls would see nothing, over all the heads. The kind stranger introduced herself--the mother of one of THE Blue Angel pilots. It was his last show and it was a big deal. She handed me three tickets to the VIP section. Amazed, I thanked her, and we went in but all the chairs were taken. So we sat down on the ground in front of everyone. When the show started, everyone stood--and we were on the front row. Awesome show, awesome God, encouraging us, and my writing!

Anyway, this interview is powerful and encouraging. It came in with my Title Trakk subscribed email. Now I'm going to read the rest of it, and tell my daughter Kirk Cameron's in a new movie. She's taking his Way of the Master witnessing course.

That's another point they make, how our writing witnesses. How they wanted to be powerful but not "cheesy." All the stuff we think about in our writing, plus with a videocam. You all will love this article.

Thanks for indulging me and my midnight rambling.



Robin Bayne said...

hey Margo! Let's exchange blog links!

Margo Carmichael said...

Done! Thanks for the request.

God bless~

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

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