Friday, April 05, 2013

Two-wheeled terror in my hood!

So, I bought a bicycle today! Pearly light green with wicker basket and saddlebags! Wide-wheels, foot brakes, three gears, the works! I rode it on the sidewalk around my block a few times while I get my balance back. It's been years since I rode.

Off I pedaled, just a little wobbly. Don't let me veer off the walk and get stuck in the edge of the grass! I realized if I went just a little faster, I'd have more control. That worked. I maneuvered a tight little curve and coasted on, then turned and rode down a slight incline. So far, so good.

Braked cautiously, stopped and chatted with a friend gardening. Left her, continued on. My Bible-study teacher stepped outside and I stopped very short and almost went over the handlebars! But we had a nice chat. Then, on and on I rode around the block! Ha ha

I passed my house and my neighbor's ShihTsus came running out to see who--or what I was. We never have bikes on our street. And they are never out without their owner. They just do not obey their owner. He called to them. They ignored him and ran up to me. Off-balance, now, put one foot down and laid shoe rubber for two miles, finally halting up on a lawn, still upright! Yes! The main thing!

The dog's owner jogged over. "Oh, hi, Margo, I didn't recognize you." No? Don't I always sport a pointy white and silver helmet?

He admired my "retro" bicycle, as he called it.

I asked him if he'd had any more nibbles on his house which is for sale. I also wondered if the Lord wanted me to witness to him or just be nice. I had recently told him we hated that they were moving and I hoped we would be neighbors again in heaven. I had asked if he thought he would be there. How would you know?

He had said there are three things required, love, compassion, and good deeds.

I told him that is called a works gospel and that Heaven is a free gift if we give up our own ways and turn to Jesus. He didn't think so. I let it go--for the time being.

So, now, it amused me when he answered my question about his house. "Yes, a woman named Grace is coming back to look for the third time."

"Grace!" Ah ha.

"Yes," he said.

I smiled. "Grace--G-R-A-C-E! God's Righteousness At Christ's Expense!"

He laughed. "Did you just make that up?"

"No," I shook my head. "No, I didn't."

He commented again on my bicycle, we made small talk, and he called the dogs again. "Well, I have to get them home. Come on, (doggies.)  Bye, Margo."

He walked to his house-for-sale and I pedaled away.

Please pray that I watered that earlier seed. Please pray that it is harvested!

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