Tuesday, May 07, 2013

I just love God.

I used to think God loved us, all right, but sort of in an aloof way.

But I thought about how the Patriarchs raved about His love and His goodness.

And I remembered a NT verse where He tells us to be kind to one another, compassionate/tenderhearted, forgiving one another.

I thought about how Jesus just had to tell the woman who had lost her son at Nain, "Don't cry," before He raised him from the dead. And how He says, "Let the children come to me, don't forbid them. The Kingdom of Heaven is like this."

And I know that He is kind, tenderhearted/compassionate, as He told us to be.

And that He disciplines all those He loves, NT, "so that it will go well with you," OT.

I love God. He *loved* us first.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013


I remember a sermon that reminded us how Joseph was called to deliver Egypt but first had to grow up, then go to prison; David delivered Israel but first had to grow up, then go to caves; and Jesus delivered us all but first had to grow up, then go to the cross. God had His different plans for each of them, and they all took time!

And all the while, people were dying in their sins. God is never in a hurry but He's always on time.

And He makes all things beautiful in His time--and in His way.

I'm just to rejoice with my writing sisters as they are published and used of the Lord, and I'm to wait on the Lord to use me. He uses us all, one way or another.

I'd love to have a bestseller one day. Maybe I will and maybe I won't. But If I obey, I will get a crown to lay at His feet one day. After I grow up? :)

By the way, are you ready to be delivered by Jesus? Scroll down to the red button that says "READY?"