Friday, April 25, 2008

We need a new punctuation mark~

We need a mark for when we don't want to shout, but we want emphasis or humor. I think we need something to replace "LOL" or "< grin >."

I submit we need one more simple little diacritical mark, a pretty one, already available: The tilde~

It has uses in math, in editing, and in Spanish and 17th century French, and maybe others I'm not aware of.

But I haven't seen any case where it appears at the end of a sentence, so it would cause no confusion.

I would also submit a new name for the tilde when used for emphasis and humor, one that suggests a frisson of emotion: Strangely enough, I would submit "the frisson."

It's easy to reach at the upper left end of the keyboard.

And isn't it a pretty little flourish at the end of the sentence~

I mentioned it about a year ago, and I have been lax in my campaign. So, here's my slogan:

We need a new punctuation mark--
The "frisson" for when one is having a lark?

Or maybe not.

Anyway, a cheer and a plea for the frisson~

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