Wednesday, August 02, 2006

"WHAT WAS THAT CRASH?" and I take off...

...after dh as he hobbles down the hall toward destruction. Not really. Well, sometimes.

He just got a new cast two weeks after that foot surgery. We get home, he struggles out of my car and I spot a remarkably large Wolf spider just inside the garage. "Oh, look!"

Then, "Noooo!" as dh brings his crutch down on the hapless beast.

I'm bending down, making sure the spider is dead, ready to put it out of any arachnid agony, when I hear a swish, THUMP. The house we bought has a slick, finished garage floor, a la the previous owners, and dh had put his gutsy--and I mean that literally--crutch down, slid across the garage and crashed against his car.

I take his arm and laugh as my heart settles back down into my chest. "See, God don' like ugly!" Well, he wasn't really being ugly. He was rescuing us.

But my heroine learns God don' like ugly. When her mother-in-law confesses a deed from her past, Maggie's reaction to the secret is less than sweet. Maggie has secrets of her own, and right now, they are making her mean.

You frown. You know what it's like. : )

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