Saturday, August 12, 2006

More Conference Photos

Right, booksigning in bookstore in Nashville.

Irene Brand, Joan Shoup, Gail Gaymer Martin,
Kathryn Mackel, Randy Ingermanson, Terry Burns, Cyndy Salzman

Left, Sunni Jeffers and Robin Lee Hatcher

Above, Choir directed by Cynthia Ruchti who also arranged the wonderful music.

Left, Michelle Hutchison probably composing a review of the iced tea. : )

Right, Denver, 2004, when we were still ACRW.
Sunni Jeffers, Linda Windsor, Beth Goddard, and me, half asleep. ( And that wasn't even the year of the 3 a.m. fire alarm~) (Don't forget to schedule SLEEP!)

Lovely lady on the left must contact me with her name because I can't make her out and will probably be mortified....

More to come ....


CHickey said...

Thanks for the photos. Now I know how to dress for the conference!

Margo Carmichael said...

Occasionally, pajamas!