Sunday, August 06, 2006

Meet your favorite Christian authors, learn to write...

Wow, I can hardly wait for the American Christian Fiction Writers Conference in Dallas, Texas, my birthday weekend September 21-24.

What a birthday present, seeing once again all these fun and talented people,

...Brandilyn Collins, Randy Ingermanson, Terry Burns,

fans who lost their heads over sweet and suspenseful Kathryn Mackel ...

listening to great teaching, buying more books--well, maybe just a few more books--getting them autographed.

Part of the schedule includes a free to the public booksigning with a huge room full of the following authors ready to sell and autograph their books for you on Saturday afternoon, September 23rd at 4:45 p.m.

Just walk into the Marriott Forums. You do not have to be a guest or attend the conference to come in:

Clark, Dorothy J.
Clopton, Debra
Collins, Brandilyn
Cox, Carol
Daley, Margaret
Davis, Bryan
Davis, Mary
Davis, Susan Page
DeMuth, Mary
Dobson, Melanie
Dooley, Lena Nelson
Dyson, Wanda
Eakes, Laurie Alice
Gibson, Rhonda
Gist, Deeanne
Griffith, Marilynn
Gutteridge, Rene
Hauck, Rachel
Higgs, Liz Curtis--also Keynote Speaker
Higman, Anita
Hunt, Diann
Jenkins, Nancy Jo
Johnson, Jennifer
Kinnard, Deborah
Martin, Gail
McDonough, Vicki
Meissner, Susan
Nelson, Jill Elizabeth
Paul, Donita K.
Paul, Kathleen
Perry, Trish
Peterson, Tracie
Pleiter, Allie
Raney, Deborah
Sattler, Gail
Sawyer, Kim
Springer, Kathryn
Taylor, Donn
Thompson, Terri
Turansky, Carrie
Warren, Barbara
Warren, Susan
White, Elizabeth
Whren, Merrillee
Wise, Timothy
Woodsmall, Cindy
Worth, Lenora

If you want to write good commercial Christian fiction, this is the place.

And the market is booming.

Agents, and publishers of evangelical Christian publishing houses will be present to lecture and teach.

And they schedule appointments to meet writers and hear pitches of our books.

If you don't have a book ready to sell but would like to learn, then come, mingle and meet the people who can help you. Go to the website above for more information.


Ron Estrada said...

Bummed. I can't go this year! I'll have a top ten list of things to do while everyone else is at the AFCW Conference.

Margo Carmichael said...

Too bad. Well, you'll hear all about it when we get back. You can even buy the CDs if you like, or MP3.

Michelle said...

Nice shots!

GeorgianaD said...

I thought I was the only one getting left behind! We need to start a thread on the forum for those of us who will be at home that weekend!

Great pictures Margo! Funny, you think you know exactly what someone looks like from their blog picture, then in another picture they'll look totally different. When you get back from the conference you'll have to post tons of pics:)

Margo Carmichael said...

I was just reading a prophecy site. You had me worried there for a minute, Georgian! LOL

DailyDrifter said...

Hey there Margo! Can't wait to read through all your blogs. We will get together very soon! Robin

Camy Tang said...

It's going to be so much fun! Let's call Ron from the conference to torture him.

Heather said...

This will be my first ACFW conference. Heck, this will be my first writer's conference period. Scared to death. I'm just hoping I won't slip on the banana peel that is left by the sophomores to torture the rookies or pee myself or something else rotten.

Kristy Dykes said...

Great pictures, Margo. And it'll be your birthday at the conf? Well, happy early birthday.