Thursday, July 27, 2006

Fox News's looong list of labor pains would be funny--

...if it weren't so serious.

Jesus said it would be like labor pains increasing toward the end, before He returns.

Check this list!

Today, in just one day, mind you, Fox had a whole section devoted to natural disasters. Click on the links:

Special Sections > Natural Disaster



Another Scorcher of a Day in California

California Heat Wave Causes Livestock Carcass Pileup

At Least 56 Deaths Probed as California Heat Wave Hits Day 10

Florida Lake Swallowed by Sinkhole Reappearing

Nearly 250,000 Homes, Businesses Still Without Power in St. Louis After Storms

New York Blackout Problem Enters Fifth Day; Thousands Without Power

St. Louis Gets Cooler as National Guard Evacuates People Without Power


6 Firefighters Burned While Fighting Nevada Blazes

Firefighters Hope Cooler Temps Will Help Battle Fires in California, Other States

Manpower, Equipment Short as Firefighters Continue to Battle California Blazes

California Firefighting Crews Need More Manpower, Equipment

Firefighters Battle Blaze in Boundary Waters Region of Minnesota

California Firefighters Battle Fires Amid Scorching Heat

Wildfire Scorches 1,200 Acres on California Island; Blazes Continue Inland

Firefighters Set Backfire to Contain California Forest Blaze Caused by Lightning

Cooler Temps Helps Firefighters Battle California Wildfires

Firefighters Contain California Forest Blazes; Experts Warn of Mudslides

California Firefighters Make Progress, Blazes Burn in Other States

California Residents Turn to Goats to Prevent Wildfires

Thunderstorms May Spark New California Wildfires

Thunderstorms May Fuel California Fires

Heat, Winds Challenge California Firefighters


Red Cross: More Than 100 Dead or Missing in North Korean Floods

Rains Cause Midwest Flooding, Tornado Hits New York

Mother Dies Rescuing Daughter From Ohio Floodwaters

Tornado Touches Down in Colorado, Flash Flood Warnings

Heavy Rains Flood Colorado, Washing Out Bridges

Northeast Still Struggling After Floods

Northeast Floodwaters Recede, Residents Begin Cleanup


Mayon Volcano Erupts in the Philippines

Indonesia's Mount Merapi Continues to Pose Threat

Philippine Officials Evacuate Villagers From Volcano

Two Men Found Dead in Mount Merapi Bunker

Indonesians Trapped in Underground Volcano Shelter

Indonesian Volcano Mt. Merapi Spews Gas, Debris

Volcano Erupts in Southern Japan

Mount Merapi Rumble Forces Evacuation of 3,000 More

11,000 Evacuated as Indonesian Volcano Spews Lava, Gas

Fears of Eruption Rise After Volcano Spews Lava in Indonesia

EARTHQUAKES (Where are all the 2s we used to see?)

6.1 Magnitude Quake Hits Indonesia's Sulawesi Island

Tsunami Kills More Than 300 in Indonesia

7.2 Magnitude Earthquake Prompts Tsunami Warning in Indonesia

Earthquake Rattles Southeastern California

Strong 6.2 Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Indonesia

Study: Massive Southern California Earthquake Could Come Any Moment

Moderate Quake Shakes Tokyo

Two Earthquakes Shake Japan

Earthquake Rattles Indonesia's Sumatra Island

Study: Earthquakes Can Trigger Far-Off Aftershocks

One Killed, Two Wounded in South Iran Earthquake

U.S. Tests Earthquake Warning Systems

Death Toll for Indonesia Quake Rises to Over 3,500

6.1 Magnitude Quake Hits Indonesia's Sulawesi Island

Death Toll From Indonesian Tsunami Hits 547, 323 Still Missing

Tsunami Kills More Than 300 in Indonesia

BBC, HBO Tsunami Miniseries Sparks Debate

Disasters Help Boost American Charitable Giving to Near All-Time High

Earthquakes Rattle Tsunami-Warning Drill

First Test of Tsunami-Warning System Conducted Since 2004

Tsunami Warning System Failed After Tonga Quake

White House Issues Tsunami Plan

China's Tropical Storm Bilis Death Toll Reaches 530

Louisiana Doctors Outraged at Murder Accusation

Tropical Storm Lands on Massachusetts Coast

Tropical Storm Watch Issued for Massachusetts as Beryl Moves North

Future Hurricane Victims Won't Get Spending Cards

China Says 115 Killed, Hundreds Injured by Tropical Storm Bilis

Report on Rebuilding Louisiana Leaves Out Specific Hurricane Protection

Ten Months After Hurricane Katrina, 49 Victims Unidentified

Former Presidents Bush, Clinton to Share Liberty Medal

FEMA Checks Eligibility of Hurricane Victims Living in Gov't-Issued Trailers

Disasters Help Boost American Charitable Giving to Near All-Time High

DHS: New York, D.C., New Orleans Still Not Prepared for Disasters

Rains Cause Midwest Flooding, Tornado Hits New York

Tornado Touches Down in Colorado, Flash Flood Warnings

Tornado Uproots Trees, Rips Roofs Off Buildings in Wis.

Tornadoes Touch Down in Central Oklahoma

Iowa Tornados Leave Devastation, Death in Wake

Tornadoes Spread Havoc Through Iowa, Killing One

Tennessee Picks up Pieces After Tornadoes Kill 12

Tornadoes Touch Down in Tennessee

Severe Storms Kill 28 in South, Midwest

Amazing! It goes on forever! It would be funny if it weren't so serious!

He also said it would be like in the days of Noah, people having a great ol' time, oblivious to the signs. If we are seeing the signs, I'm taking another clue from Noah--he believed God and he was lifted above the destruction.

I'm of the school of thought that the Rapture--in the Latin Vulgate version of the Bible, "rapare", to be lifted away--will happen before the wrath of God is poured out.

I believe Revelation 4, shows the church, the born-again called-out ones who believe Jesus is the Savior of the world, will be lifted to heaven above the Tribulation.

That those left behind, as we read on through Revelation, the rest who "repented not" of lists of awful things, are not the Church on earth.

A news article this week told that an Irish farmer unearthed an ancient book, Psalm 86, dropped in an Irish bog a thousand or so years ago.
The National Museum of Ireland said, " this Irish equivalent to the Dead Sea Scrolls is being hailed by the museum's experts as the greatest find ever from a European bog."

It talked about enemies of Israel:

Keep not thou silence, O God: hold not thy peace, and be not still, O God. For, lo, thine enemies make a tumult: and they that hate thee have lifted up the head. They have taken crafty counsel against thy people, and consulted against thy hidden ones. They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance. (Psalm 83:1-4)

Many people say this is eerie. That this is no coincidence.

Yes, evidently, God is paying attention.

But, whether or not we're in the very Last Days, only He knows. This could all pass. But if it's a labor pain, the respite will be brief.

Meanwhile, we need to be about our Father's business--including telling others about Christ--with the evidence of prophecy unfolding before our eyes.

If this is indeed the labor pains, Revelation 3, the seventh and last church age before the Second Coming, could apply to us. The Laodicean Church. Jesus has no good thing to say about it. This church is arrogant, thinking it's so rich, when in reality, it's poor, wretched, miserable, blind, naked.

Because of its lukewarmness, Jesus is ready to spit it out of his mouth.

The good thing is, if that is so, then it's also time for a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit's love and power--for those who will turn their lives around and reach out for Him again.

I'm ready for that, aren't you?

Meanwhile, here's a great website: Rapture Ready.

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