Sunday, April 23, 2006

"God-incidence" and Pampers prod: NEVER GIVE UP!

Perseverence has never been my problem. My problem is assurance. I want to know all my efforts are in God's will.

Just yesterday I looked at my dozens of writing books and my membership renewal bill from RWA and thought maybe it was time to "retire," give away those books and move on. Go back to painting! I have garnered so many rejections along with so many encouraging words.

Even sweet people who said they would read it just never had the time to do so, and I do understand that. Everybody's so busy.

So, I wondered if this was just a training period in obedience that God put me through, and the book would not be published and it was time to move on.

Then, just today, I attended the church I've been visiting. I almost visited another one--again, I don't want to miss God's will--but ended up at that one,and was so blessed: The whole message was on Galatians 6:7-9 "Weary not in Doing Good" and we will sow in *God's perfect timing* if we persevere. What confirmation!

The pastor cited Marion Donovan who, in the 1940s, got tired of washing diapers and cut off a piece of her shower curtain and pinned it on a diaper. Later she used absorbent paper. She shopped her idea around for ten years, until a grandfather at Proctor & Gamble recognized its value. Thus was born Pampers!

There were many other points, of course, and the whole message was so good, and I thanked the pastor, who said its confirming me confirmed him, too.

I told him I was buying the sermon CD. I got to that counter and there were two CDs there, a sign saying they were $5, and nobody to sell them. I asked another woman standing there if we were just supposed to leave our money and take one, and she said she guessed so. Then she said all she had was a $10 and she'd like to buy mine! (Sowing into the Spirit, according to the sermon, she was.) I told her okay, that she would get a $5 blessing and more!

I went back and told the pastor someone gave it to me and he said "Another confirmation!"

So, if you know you are in God's will but are discouraged, please, do not get tired of doing the right thing. Keep on trustin' and obeying, and you will bear the fruit of the Spirit and the fruit of your labor, in God's perfect time.

Tonight I went back to church to a brand new group, a woman's prayer group. I met some new people and one said to me she liked the name, Margo--that it sounds like a writer's name! She had no idea! One more confirmation to persevere--in God's will.

To download your own copy of this wonderfully encouraging message (which includes the invention of Pampers!) go to

and download the Sunday April 23, 2006 message, Part 4, Galatians 6:7-9, "Weary Not in Doing Good."


Camy Tang said...

Glad you got your confirmation!

Mary said...

This is encouraging, Margo! Thanks for stopping by my blog...and for the welcome to ACFW...