Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Christian-Jewish preacher Zola Levitt goes to his Messiah!

Zola passed on on April 19 after a bout with cancer.

I am so sad to think he won't be
climbing the ruins of Israel anymore.
But he'll be doing much more enjoyable things, face-to-face with his Messiah, worshipping, dancing, singing. His ministry and the tour I took 10 years ago this September blessed me so much. It was a major birthday of mine, and we sat, listening to a lecture, on the very steps leading up to the temple where Jesus and his family took sacrifices as Jewish families did. I chose one step and walked back and forth to be sure my feet touched a spot where the feet of Jesus walked.

Now, Zola's walking with Jesus down those streets of gold! Hallelujah!!!

We'll see you again, Zola, thanks to the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world, but meanwhile, oh, Zola, you will be missed.

I had wanted to go to the Holy Land for a long time. I had heard my late, great, little grandmother in New Orleans say many times over the years that she would love to go. She inspired me.

One of my main characters longs to find his Jewish roots, and spurned by the heroine in New Orleans, David goes to Israel and finds more than he expected--a new love, and practical use for his U.S. Air Force pilot training. And something more. But, as we used to say on book report day in school, "If you want to know what happens, you'll have to read the book." Some day, in faith, believing! LOL

So, finally, I went with Zola Levitt Ministries to Israel on a major birthday, to see what my character sees. It was wonderful! I now read the Bible with such an awareness of where things happened. (I wish I had had my digital camera, then. One of these days, I'll scan and upload some photos. Meanwhile, I'll use Zola's.)

On my birthday, we walked up to the Temple, climbing the very steps that Jesus walked. I chose one step and walked back and forth to make certain my feet touched every inch where Jesus could have stepped! We heard clearly as two men read the Beatitudes without microphones, halfway down the hill of the Sermon on the Mount's natural amphitheater.

We walked into the Garden Tomb, and saw Gordon's Calvary a stone's throw beyond, right above the Jerusalem bus station where the world passes by, just as it did during the crucifixion. If only the world would not pass Him by, today. "He came unto His own, but His own received Him not. But to as many as received Him, to them He gave power to become children of God--even (namely) to them who believe on His name. (His nature and identity as Messiah, Lord, Savior. We are all His creatures. Only some are His children. It's our choice.)

We floated on the Dead Sea, where our guide said if you get the water in your mouth, you need first aid. If you swallow it, you need last aid!

We were baptized in the River Jordan, walked around, high up on Masada, rode camels and horses in Petra, site of Indiana Jones' Last Crusade, where people will probably hide during the Tribulation.

A most memorable moment was reading from Revelation as we ate a picnic lunch from a cafeteria on the hillside above Megiddo, site of Armageddon; and ate Peter's Fish on a dinner cruise on the Sea of Galilee. Oh, and we saw the stacks and stacks of books, books, books in the office of David Ben Gurion, first prime minister of the new state of Israel in 1948. My husband mentions my books, books, books, amd is not impressed when I show him my photo of the desk of this world leader--!

And the roommate they happened to assign me was a born-again Jewish woman seeking her Jewish roots, like my character! She and I were the only ones using micro-mini recorders, and could share blank cassettes. And my spellchecker had recently said to me, never heard of Margo, try Mango, so I laughed and took that as a sort of nickname. In Israel, we saw many small signs with a new cell-phone ad, back-lit in white. Its name--Mango. At the corner beside our hotel in Jerusalem, one of the signs hung on the street sign, to read together, Mango/Shalom Aleichem, as if to say, Mango--hello, friends! The whole trip was a fabulous time of blessings with new sights, new friends, and teaching from Zola and his wonderful friends and guides. So many wonderful things. I know I say wonderful a lot, but I hate the buzzword, incredible. It actually means not believable. Hey, I'm a believer! LOL.

But sometimes, it's hard

His wonderful ministry will continue with the help of his wife, Sandra, his son Mark and others, and the awesome collection of teaching and music materials he left behind. People who take advantage of these will also bless the ministry at a time of many medical bills. I've already made my shopping list.

Visit Zola's website and its store for its *wonderful* books, study guides and original music.

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