Sunday, January 08, 2006

New Year's Greetings from Margo Carmichael

Hi, Margo Carmichael here,

Showing a wee bit of the bonny Clan Carmichael tartan. Carmichael is a place in southern Scotland, as well as an attitude. An attitude of fun and mystery.

So, I've written a mystery. Or an inspirational woman-in-jeopardy or supernatural suspense, whichever the market wants most! And whether mystery or a suspense, it will remain as such until it is published. And it's presently under consideration by some of the best editors and agent in the business, so, we'll see!

Here's a clue: A woman marries a Navy pilot, loves an Air Force pilot, and dates a killer! Too bad she doesn't know about the killer!

Most of it takes place in New Orleans, plus Pensacola and its beach, Paris, Petra, and Israel. The lady gets around to some wonderful places. And the sequel is set in Scotland. I've been blessed to visit or live in all these places, and I hope my love for them shows through.

Meanwhile, I'll be leading a new Bible study in my woman's group. We'll start by talking a little about who is God and who are we. Like when Jesus told that mother of the dead boy "Don't cry." With His tender heart, He had to comfort her first. That's God in the flesh! That's God!
He created us and He loves us and He says "Don't cry." And a lot more. That's just the beginning, but that's the end of this post.

Glad you dropped by! Want to chat about these places? About writing stories? About Jesus? Leave a comment, if you like.

More later....

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