Tuesday, January 24, 2012

God still likes it!

Just looked up "exult" in the dictionary after reading in Psalm 9, "I will give thanks with my whole ♥...I will be glad and *exult* in You."

The dictionaries talk about being exceedingly glad and spinning and leaping for joy. Beth Moore brings it out, too. However, the dictionary says the leaping part is obsolete.

I wonder if God knows that? LOL

Psalms 149-150 say to praise Him with singing and dancing. What if God walked up to us in church and said, "Shall we dance?" What would we say? That's obsolete? Malachi 3 says God doesn't change.

We don't want miracles to be obsolete when we need one. But we tell Him some things He wants are obsolete.

We really are a "peculiar people."


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