Friday, November 20, 2009

Celtic Treasure by Liz Babbs--a lovely Christmas gift!

I was married twenty years when we learned we were part of a Scottish clan with a tartan, "cousins" in the U.S., and a chief and family in Scotland. So, now, more than ever, I love the ancient riches of Celtic Christianity.      

And I especially love the writings of my good friend from Nottingham, England, Liz Babbs.

Her latest book, Celtic Treasure, is small and gorgeous, a perfect gift for the rapidly approaching Christmas season. It contains stories and wisdom of the ancient Celts, and to these, she adds lovely original prayers and poems and beautiful photos.

She discusses Celtic traditions of creation, creativity, community, hospitality, and just celebrating life.

We meet some Celtic saints, too, and enjoy their writings, such as these familiar lines from

St. Patrick's Breastplate

         Christ behind and before me
         Christ beneath and above me
         Christ with me and in me...        

And from Liz's own poetry:            

Spirit of God around me
In the air that I breathe

Glory of God around me
Inspiring all I see...

These are just a tidbit from the richness here.

Some of her books contain CDs with her reading meditations on God and His
Word, to the music of Simeon Wood on flute, bass flute, pan-pipes and Celtic whistles.


The Thing About-- series reflects
her fun sense of humor.

And she wrote about her healing by prayer of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Her website and my earlier blog tell more about these books, as well as her one-woman show,
Licensed to Chill, plus her workshops, and retreats.


I had the pleasure of going to the TV studios with Liz for this  interview where she gives a wonderful teaching on  Christian  meditation. Don't miss it.


When not reading, writing, or performing, my
multi-talented and lovely friend often breaks bread, er, chocolate at the Cheesecake Factory.                


Liz Babbs said...

Wow - Margo, what a lovely review. Full of wisdom, fun and humour.
Thank you so much. Here's to the next visit to The Cheesecake Factory! x

Margo Carmichael said...

Come on back across the Pond any time!