Saturday, July 25, 2009

To put feet on our prayers, let's contact our reps.

Contact your Senator

Contact your Representative

Here's what I've read about contacting them, for what it's worth.

First, obviously, be polite. Otherwise, you'll be laughed at and probably dismissed.

Second, stick to one topic per post or letter. Often, an aide skims them and merely checks off yes or no on a list of topics. If you write about more than one, it might not get noted.

Third, be encouraged that you wrote. They consider one letter as representing 10,000 more constituents in agreement. It does hold weight.

So, Encourage the ones who vote like you do. They're probably fighting a hard battle.

I read the first two books of the tome, _Advise & Consent_ for a book report. I was touched by the idealistic young man who went to Washington only to experience a very un-idealistic "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" modus operandi. If you don't support my pork project, my whole sub-committee will vote against your project.

Finally, be sure that if God tells us to pray for everyone in authority, then he hears and answers. And He reigns! "He Reigns"

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Nike.Chillemi said...

Excellent!!! I'm so glad you did an article on this.

I think sometimes Christians don't get involved enough in the process. Other groups (some of them antiChristian) are very involved in shaping the politics of the day.

Thx again.