Thursday, January 15, 2009

He's nuts about ya, sis!

I was just reading the newsletter from Mary DeMuth, and her article, Life's too important to be taken seriously. So, Lighten up.

I had to laugh--I'm too serious, too. (? Well, yes. )

I fret about little things, I fret about big things, when the main thing I should dwell on is what a pastor from Florida told me.

We were waiting to enter the house of the first prime minister of Israel, David ben Gurion. The September breezes were pleasant, and palms and the lawn and the little house glowed golden in the late afternoon sun as we sat at a picnic table with our group, waiting to enter.

(Talk about a serious man. Ben Gurion's office had shelves of books, and two desks, one covered with stacks of more books, and a new--or rather, renewed--nation to lead. I showed my photo of all the books to dh, but he was not impressed with my excuse for owning a million books, too.)

Anyway, we were talking about God. I knew I was saved, my sins forgiven, because I was submitted to God and had repented--change my mind--about living my own way instead of God's way.

I just wanted to be sure God wasn't holding me at arm's length for being His kid and still not doing everything right.

And this pastor brought tears to my eyes with a smile and these simple words:

He's nuts about ya, sis.

Isn't that great! If I can just remember that, next time I'm too hard on myself.

This is what my heroine, Maggie, could not grasp. God is love, she says, and when she goes through the fiery trial, she's shocked. She turns from the One who could deliver her. Her life spirals downward into the occult, her mood and her paintings turn darker and darker, fear and pain become her constant friend. But God never lets go of her. And her sunny disposition and her life are finally restored when she CTR--comes to realize--the Lord's nuts about her.

Kinda goes along with Liz Curtis

Higgs' Embrace Grace.

The Lord's nuts about ya, sis. You, too, bro. Lighten up.


pamela said...

i love it! God is nuts about ya and me too! I am so glad I know you! xoxoxo

Margo Carmichael said...

So glad to know you, too, Pamela! Hugs and blessings back at ya!

Mary DeMuth said...

Thanks for the mention!