Monday, December 15, 2008

In Withdrawal from a blessing

I'm in withdrawal. Slept so late. It was all so much fun.

I'm talking about the Christmas musical in our church, "Sing Joy." You can find some of the songs on Youtube.

Awesome Christmas songs, many new ones.

In addition to the Worship Choir, we had three groups of singers--Dickens, '40s Swing and Christmas Classics. The musical used the whole choir of 80-100--

I'm very analytical, and I think about the emotions that I would feel if I sang in a pop-secular group, love songs and all. I know I'd enjoy it.

But singing here, songs about and to the One that returns--initiated--that love! What a blessing. It just gets better and better. Unlike my singing. LOL

The Holy Spirit surely visited the loft that night. I had chills during some of the songs, and often did close my eyes and close out the audience and just listen and sing to the One.

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