Tuesday, April 17, 2007

"I've just seen..." Jonah?!

I've just seen Jesus, I tell you, He's alive!
I've just seen Jesus, our precious Lord alive!

So goes the wonderful Easter song.

Just before Easter, I told friends, "I took a break and ran from writing like Jonah from Ninevah."
That was when I got into the play I've described several articles below. It was so much fun and got me out with wonderful people. A real blessing.
The play ended the week before Easter.
And Easter week, I visited a nearby church I've passed a thousand times. My friend had mentioned their Maundy Thursday service and I decided to go.

Two tall wood carvings stand in the lobby, very stylistic and modern.

One is Moses, representing the Law. The Old Testament.

I looked at the other figure, expecting to see Jesus. The New Testament.

Then I noticed a vine.

And a large gourd.

And I saw Jonah!

I stood there amazed. I'm not sure why they have Jonah instead of Jesus.
But there he was.
God had led me there, where I'd never been before.
He reminded me of my comparison.

And told me it was time to get back to my writing!

As I had also told my friends, I see His hand so much, encouraging my writing. He is so faithful.

So, I'm writing, I'm writing! And lookin' out for a big fish....

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