Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The usual Easter attack on Christianity

Once a year on the tv calendar, Easter shows up as time to refute Christianity. The producer of "Titanic," James Cameron, has produced a show claiming to feature the bones of Jesus Christ.
Professor Amos Kloner, Jerusalem, in photo, points out that these alleged bones of Jesus of Nazareth and family were found far from Nazareth. That Mary and Joseph could not have afforded a middle class tomb like this. And the names, Jesus, Mary and Joseph were as common as the name Mary was in the last generation today.

Besides, as is pointed out in an excellent booklet from Intervarsity Press, "Have You Considered Him?" , which I recommend ordering in quantity to give away, the followers of Jesus Christ were willing to suffer torture and death because they would not stop saying they saw Him alive. After the resurrection.

Cameron claims he is not trying to "sink" Christianity, that Jesus' spirit could have been seen resurrecting, but that His body could have been buried.

Not if we believe the Word of God.

For more refuting these titanic claims, click here and here.

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