Tuesday, May 02, 2006

*The List* (book and future movie!) on top of my list

The other day,
while packing to go on a long weekend vacation in North Carolina,
I looked for a book to read on the plane, and chose the
The List
by Robert Whitlow.

When I emailed him to tell him I enjoyed it, he told me it will soon be a
movie! Now I'm praying for deliverance from envy! LOL Finished March 5, it was shot in Wilmington and includes a day along beautiful Charleston's Battery.

In this intriguing story, a group of people formed a mysterious pact over a hundred years ago, and the spiritual power of this pact draws in a modern heir to the list, even as he learns about yet another form of spiritual power. Opposing powers he was not aware existed. His past relationship with his father and his new relationship with a woman, both on the list, also influence him.

"God is not like your father," someone tells him and touches his heart.

It's not a light story that just entertains and skims the spiritual surface, although I love those, too.

This story demonstrates the reality of spiritual warfare, the power of prayer, and the need and power of fellowship and prayer support. The hero's spiritual growth spurt entertains, challenges and plunges the reader into the depths of the Spirit.

The List had waited its turn on my TBR shelf for several months. I suddenly chose it because the story takes place in South Carolina, near our destination. I haven't been to this region in years, since a visit to Charleston and Savannah and once living in Virginia. That plus the novel's history, intrigue, romance and danger would hold my interest against the noisy and distracting backdrop of flying.

We landed in Charlotte, North Carolina, and drove to Wilkesboro. In that small town in the scenic green mountains, we visited old friends and former neighbors from Orlando, including Neal and Susie Hatfield at their beautiful, remote conference center,
Uplands Reach.

We searched for and found a grave of the wife of one of my husband's ancestors and some of our group attended Merlefest, the annual Bluegrass festival.

Had we more time, we would have visited
Mt. Airy, home of Andy Griffith and Mayberry. His wholesome tv show's wholesome stories and lifestyle are enjoying a resurgence of popularity. Someone has even written Bible studies based on Mayberry called Back to Mayberry.

I was bemused when the main character traveled from South Carolina to, of all the cities I've been to in the South, to the city where we'd just flown into: Charlotte. To me, little coincidences are God-incidences. And it's no coincidence that I loved _The List_.


"Get into a playpen with serpents, sooner or later, you get bitten," my book's hero tells my heroine in New Orleans beside the tomb of a voodoo figure. She does--and she does--or will, as soon as that one savvy editor comes along and adds it to their list! : ) In faith believing!


Dee said...

Thanks for the book referral. It sounds like something I want to check out. I'm reviewing Dekker/Peretti's Monster now, but The List definitely sounds interesting.

ACFW Member

Margo Carmichael said...

I loved _Monster_. Didn't know whether to giggle or shudder, so often did both!

Thanks for stopping by. : )

Dona Watson said...

I read "The List" some time ago and enjoyed it enough to keep it on my shelf for another read. It would make for great movie material. I can't wait!

Dona Watson